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Turning life challenges into life purpose with superstar Adidas Trainer Tanya Poppett

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In Episode 55 I sat down with superstar Adidas trainer Tanya Poppett about her journey into the world of health & fitness, and in particular how challenges with body image in her teenage years spurred her into the woman she is today.

Tanya Poppett Plant Proof

Specifically we covered:

  • Her life as a child including what her interests were, what she ate, where she grew up etc
  • Her relationship with food and exercise with specifics around a time in her teenage years where she felt a lot of pressure around the way she looked
  • Her diet – how and why this has changed over time
  • What she thought about vegans before making changes to her plate
  • How her change in diet was received by her partner and family
  • Her philosophy on exercise, training and creating healthy habits
  • Creating sustainable exercise habits
  • The importance of being open minded when it comes to the way we live our lives and in particular training and different forms of exercise
  • and much more



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