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Why Erin Ireland turned her company vegan

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In Episode 54 I sat down with Erin Ireland and spoke about why she personally transitioned to a vegan lifestyle and how this affected her business.

Erin Ireland Plant Proof


  • What she’s been up to in Sydney and her favourite places she’s eaten at
  • What life was like for Erin growing
  • What Vancouver is like as a city including the vegan scene
  • The foods she ate as a kid
  • Why she eventually changed the foods on her plate
  • How her personal lifestyle changes have influenced those around her
  • Talking to friends and family about the benefits of plant based foods and a vegan lifestyle
  • The ins and outs of her baking business and how this changed when she transitioned to a vegan lifestyle
  • The biggest hurdles during her personal and business transition
  • Tips for anyone transitioning to plant based or vegan foods
  • Her daughter Roen’s diet and any associated challenges socially
  • Common questions Erin gets about Roen’s diet including supplements, foods, breast feeding etc.
  • Tips for being an advocate for this lifestyle
  • and much much more


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Erin’s website It’s To Die For

Erin’s Vancouver Vegan Eats Recommendations

Where to get Erin’s Banana Bread 

Heart Beets Run Club in Vancouver

Transitioning to a plant based lifestyle in 5 hours per Erin’s recommendations.  Set up a binge watching afternoon and get through the below (invite your friends or family over that are interested too and make a day/night of it).


Earthlings or Dominion

What the Health


Egg Board article about Just Mayo: Read here

Meta Analysis looking at the effect of Dietary Cholesterol on Serum Cholesterol (full paper)

Swapping Saturated fats for Unsaturated or Unrefined carbohydrates to lower disease risk: Read a summary here of what I mentioned in the intro.



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