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Join us in Bali for 6 nights at the beautiful Komune resort for The Proof’s Immersive Experience. Together with facilitators Simon Hill and Drew Harrisberg, we will explore the best scientific theories and practices to optimise performance, health and longevity. You will also receive a personalised lifestyle program so that you can live better for longer. We can’t wait to see you there.

Package inclusions:

Luxury beachfront suite for 6 Nights, 7 days at KOMUNE 

✓ Daily Workouts, yoga and meditation (Our movement sessions are adaptable depending on your level of fitness. While we do aim to get sweaty, our primary focus is education so you leave the experience with more confidence about the way you are moving your body).

Hosted by a qualified team of experts, including Simon Hill and Drew Harrisberg

✓ Blood test reviewed by our team doctor, Simon, and Drew prior to the experience

✓ Fitness testing

✓ Meet and greet (online) one month prior to the experience

✓ Group adventures

✓ Recovery ice baths 

✓ Wholesome plant-based meals daily (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and post-workout nutrition for recovery and performance). 
While our Longevity Experience menu is plant-based and we highly encourage everyone to eat the meals provided, the resort kitchen can cater to all dietary preferences.

✓ 2x Massage vouchers

✓ Personalised nutrition and exercise plan

✓ Sustainable gift bag

*Flights are excluded

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Meet the Facilitators

Simon Hill

MSc, BSc

Simon Hill is a physiotherapist, nutritionist, and author on a mission to help people make informed lifestyle choices. With a love for science and the qualifications to translate it properly, he makes health and nutritional information simple and accessible.

Simon began his health career as a physiotherapist, graduating with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) in 2008 at La Trobe University. He immediately began working as a sports physiotherapist in Melbourne, both with professional AFL and VFL football players and at a leading private practice.

Over time, Simon became increasingly interested in the role nutrition plays in nourishing the body and preventing disease. Using the research skills developed during his honours degree, he dove deep into the available literature on nutrition and disease, quickly becoming fascinated by the sheer volume of research available. This research proved that simple lifestyle changes could prevent – and sometimes even reverse – many of the leading chronic diseases that plague our Western world today.

However, it was clear this research-backed evidence was being drowned out by the myriad of marketing ploys pushed by “wellness” industries prioritising profits over public health. Concerned by this, Simon decided to shift paths in his career and returned to study a Master of Science in Human Nutrition at Deakin University. During this time, he established his podcast and began hosting world-renowned doctors and public figures who shared their significant expertise in translating the latest research into actionable lifestyle recommendations. Simon also took on the role of nutrition expert for Chris Hemsworth and his wellness community, Centr.

Over the past decade, Simon’s mission has become increasingly clear, to help others live longer and experience more years of healthy life. He believes the best way to do this is by utilising research to explore the nuance inherent in nutrition science and tap into expert knowledge to dispel myths, reduce uncertainty, and ultimately, feel confident in the choices we make every day

In 2021, Simon published his first book, The Proof is in the Plants, with Penguin Random House, which makes a case for a plant-based, whole-food diet, drawing on all the latest nutrition research. His hope is that by collating the evidence into one place, more of us can work together to create a healthier, more equitable, and united world.

As of 2023, his podcast, The Proof with Simon Hill, has been listened to over 30 million times. As a natural evolution of Simon’s curiosity and science-driven mindset, The Proof extends beyond nutrition to other crucial lifestyle factors that impact our well-being.

He is also now facilitating 6-day-long immersive longevity experiences where a small group of people can learn firsthand how to optimise their physiology to live better for longer. The first of which is in September on the East Coast of Bali.

Drew Harrisberg

BSc Ex&Sp, GradCertDiabEdM

Drew Harrisberg is an exercise physiologist, sports scientist, has a graduate certificate in diabetes education and management, and most importantly – is a happy and healthy guy thriving with type 1 diabetes. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 22, Drew made it his mission to regain control of his health by making positive changes to the way that he lives, eats, moves, and the mindset in which he approaches life. Drew has not only accepted living with diabetes but has also learned to manage it so that it doesn’t manage him.

Drew’s background as a qualified health professional and his personal experience living with type 1 diabetes for over 10 years is what fuels his passion to share everything he learns along the way, which is why he created Drew’s Daily Dose – a home that inspires, empowers, and enables people to thrive rather than simply survive.

Drew is a voice for the diabetes community and is an ambassador for Diabetes NSW. He has also presented a motivational TEDx talk.