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Your gut health questions with Dr Will Bulsiewicz – Part 1 of 2

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In Episode 80 I sit down with Dr Will Bulsiewicz, or Dr B, to go through some of the most common gut health questions out there! If you have tuned into the Plant Proof podcast before you have no doubt come across my previous conversations with Dr B – he is incredibly knowledgeable and has a unique ability to break complicated science down and turn it into simple practical tips.

If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes with Dr B I highly encourage you check them out – Episode 17 (How to build a healthy gut) and Episode 70 (Ex vegans & their gut health issues). With so many bloggers and unqualified people providing advice on gut health these days it’s refreshing to hear from a Gastroenterologist who genuinely understands the science inside out.

In this episode we cover:

  1. Heavy bloating and gut health
  2. How our mind can affect digestion
  3. How to identify if your gut needs repair
  4. The role of Archaea in our gut
  5. Preparing food to improve digestion
  6. Are there benefits to supplementing with food enzymes or drinking bone broth
  7. Seasoning food
  8. Juicing & gut health
  9. What do we need to know about TMAO
  10. IBS & ‘leaky gut’
  11. What does a regular bowel routine look like
  12. and much much more


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Hope you enjoy the episode friends. If you have any comments or questions, Will (@theguthealthmd) and myself (@plant_proof) would love to hear from you.



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