Your Gut Health Questions | Dr Will Bulsiewicz – Part 2

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In Episode #81, I sat down with Dr Will Bulsiewicz for a second session of answering your gut health questions. All of the topics were suggestions from The Proof community – so firstly, thank you for contributing to this conversation by sending through such important questions. If you’re a regular listener and have tuned into previous episodes with Dr B (#17, #70, and #80), you’ll already know what a wealth of knowledge he is; Dr B is a board-certified gastroenterologist, having completed over sixteen years of medical training to become an expert in all things gut health. So he is perfectly positioned to help us navigate tricky gut health questions and clear up some of the confusion.

In this episode, we covered a lot of really interesting gut health topics, such as the effect of the keto diet on the gut; dairy, probiotics, prebiotics (lactose), and gut health; intermittent fasting; prolonged juice or water fasting; breastfeeding and infant gut health, including the role of human oligosaccharides; antibiotics and gut health; whether we should avoid gluten; the benefits of soaking oats; and so much more. What’s great about this episode, and all episodes with Dr B, is that throughout the conversation he refers to the clinical science to provide evidence for his recommendations.

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