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In Episode 77 I sat down with Rip Esselstyn to talk about his journey as a plant strong athlete, health activist and author. Rip is well known for the ‘Engine 2 Diet’, a book he authored in 2009 on a whole food plant based diet, which was inspired by his fathers work. Dr Caldwell Esselstyn Jr, and his time as a fire fighter. If you are looking for inspiration from someone who has been a long term whole food plant based athlete than look no further than Rip – in fact just this weekend at age 56 he set ANOTHER world record in the 200m backstroke.

In this episode we cover:

  • Rip’s early years of life
  • The inspiration that led him to change his diet in 1987
  • His Dad’s work
  • Being a swimmer and triathlete
  • Becoming a fire fighter
  • The inspiration behind The Engine 2 Diet
  • The Engine 2 brand in whole foods
  • His children’s diet
  • and much more

Hope you enjoy the episode friends – I think we covered some pretty commonly discussed topics that you will find quite interesting. If you have any comments or questions Rip (@ripessselstyn) and I (@plant_proof) would love to hear from you.


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