Food Innovation That Can Save the world | Thomas King

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In Episode #22, I spoke with Thomas King, CEO and founder of Food Frontier, about cellular and plant-based meat alternatives and how they can save the world. Only twenty-two years old, Thomas is still one of the most impressive humans I have come across. At age thirteen, he set up the world’s most-visited website on unsustainable palm oil and the industry’s detrimental effects on the environment. In 2015, Thomas received the Young Australian of the Year award for his work as an environmental activist. Most recently, Thomas has become passionate about alternative meat solutions to help reduce the effect of our current food system on animals and the environment.

In this episode, we discussed how Thomas’s passion for our environment developed and his role as an activist, as well as the current food system, its effects on our environment, and alternative meat solutions. Listen to find out what cellular or clean meat is, how it’s produced and regulated, and what the future of cellular meat and plant-based meat alternatives looks like. If you’d like to hear more from Thomas, check out Episode #115.

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