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Episode 22 with Thomas King, CEO & Founder of Food Frontier, on Cellular and Plant Based Meat alternatives and how they can save the world

It’s hard to know where to start with Thomas’ bio.  At only 22 years of age Thomas is one of the most impressive humans I have come across.  At age 13 he set up the worlds most visited website on unsustainable palm oil and the detrimental environmental affects this industry has.  To this day the Say No To Palm Oil website receives over 500,000 visit per year.  In 2015 Thomas received the Young Australian of the Year award for work as an environmental activist.  Most recently, Thomas has become passionate about alternative meat solutions to help reduce the affect that our current food system is having on the animals & the environment.

Thomas King Food Frontier Plant Proof Podcast Cellular Meat


  • How Thomas grew a passion for our environment and taking a role as an activist
  • The current food system and it’s affects on our environment
  • Thomas’ introduction to alternative meat solutions
  • What Food Frontier is and why he founded it
  • What Cellular or Clean Meat is
  • How Cellular Meat is produced
  • Regulations & governance of Cellular Meat
  • The future of Cellular Meat
  • Plant Based Meat alternatives
  • and much much more


Another episode with Thomas 115

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