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In Episode #20, Australian celebrity TV host (and plant-based eater) Osher Günsberg (who formerly went by Andy G or Andrew G) shares his story and, in particular, his battle with mental illness and addiction. With his gift of the gab and contagious smile, it would seem Osher was always destined to entertain, but just how did a kid with anxiety end up hosting live TV in front of millions of viewers? What toll did that take on his mental and physical health? And what learnings does he have to share from that experience?

That’s exactly what this episode is all about – Osher came over to my place in Bondi and we had a really open and honest conversation about what he went through behind the scenes, from the terrible lows to the positive learnings and life-changing experiences. He shared how he has learned to deal with mental illness and alcohol addiction, his battle with weight, why he went plant-based, and how he ended up on the cover of Men’s Health. If you are an Australian and know of Osher, this episode will provide you with some insight into the man behind the microphone. If you are from overseas, I’m sure you will still find this episode tremendously interesting with many take-home messages. If you want to hear more from Osher, check out Episode #156 or connect with him on Instagram @osher_gunsberg.

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