Why James Aspey gave up meat and you could too

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Episode 21 with Animal Activist James Aspey on the horrors of factory farming & why he gave up meat

James Aspey is an Australian Animal Activist & Vegan who incredibly took a year long vow of silence to raise awareness for the animal cruelty that takes place within our food system. He has since become one of the worlds most well known, if not the most well known, Animal Activist having given over 500 free speeches across the globe. He lives and breathes this and is well equipped to explain to us how big of an issue the consumption of animal products is and why everyone should at least consider reducing or eliminating such foods from their plate.

Animal Activism James Aspey Plant Proof


  • Where James grew up and the types of foods he ate as a child
  • His own health journey and in particular a pivotal time of his life that led to him becoming more conscious about his health
  • His transition to a vegan diet & what sparked this
  • Why he took a year long vow of silence and what that was like
  • How James makes money & manages to dedicate his entire life to activism
  • What is happening behind the closed doors at factory farms
  • Resources to go away and watch to educate yourself further
  • Factory farming statistics so we can understand the size of this issue
  • Solutions to eating less meat, or cutting it out altogether and reducing animal suffering
  • What Vegan Utopia looks like to him
  • and much more


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