Popular Vegan influencer Tess Begg on how she discovered her own values & beliefs

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Episode 48 with Tess Begg is perhaps one of my favourite conversations to date. Tess is in her early 20’s and isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. No sugar coating.

Her life so far has been anything but rosy and I love the fact she owns these hardships and openly talks about how they led her to where she is now. In this episode Tess speaks candidly about how she navigated her way through through her teenage years and despite having instability at home and getting caught up in the wrong social circles was able to seperate her true values & beliefs from those ‘handed’ to use by society.

Specifically we covered:

  • Where Tess grew up
  • What family life was like and her childhood diet
  • What her teenage and high school years were like
  • Hanging out in the wrong crowds
  • Smoking and drugs
  • Why she transitioned to a vegan diet
  • What her vegan diet was like initially and how it has changed
  • Blood test results
  • Supplements with some specifics around Iron, B12 and Iodine
  • Why Tess creates content for social media
  • How long it takes her to create content
  • Generating an income through social media
  • Focussing on the positive members of your community
  • Her thoughts on separating social media from her own personal life and ‘offline time’
  • Tess’ vegan treat business
  • What Tess would like to do in the future

If you haven’t connected with Tess you can find her on Instagram and You Tube – her posts are sure to provide you with further inspiration for the plant based meals you create at home!


Want to know more about supplement and blood tests? Read the below blogs at plantproof.com


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