Ocean Plastics | Tim Silverwood

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In Episode #47, I sat down with environmentalist, fellow Aussie, and ocean lover Tim Silverwood. Tim is the co-founder of Take 3, an organisation that encourages people to collect rubbish and dispose of it correctly. He was also recently featured in the documentary Blue and is an absolute wealth of knowledge about the damage we’re doing to this planet and what we can all do to fix it. Get ready folks…some of the statistics about the damage we have caused is mind blowing!

We discussed ocean plastics, microplastics, plastics in drinking water and soil, single-use plastics, and the damage being done to the planet. But importantly, we also discussed what we can do to help the planet regenerate and prevent further destruction. If you care about the ocean and the ecosystem as a whole, then you need to listen to this. Speaking personally, this conversation got me thinking about a number of things that I can do to help our planet.

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