Tim Silverwood from Take 3 talks about ocean plastics and what we can do

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In Episode 47 I sat down with Environmentalist and fellow Aussie ocean lover Tim Silverwood.

Tim is the Co-Founder of Take 3 an organisation that encourages people to collect rubbish and dispose of it correctly. He has also recently featured in the documentary ‘Blue’ and is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to where we are going wrong in terms of damaging this planet and what we can all do to fix it!  Get ready folks… some of the statistics around the damage we have caused is mind blowing! 

In this episode we covered:

  • Tim’s childhood
  • How he found a love for protecting the planet
  • How he got involved with Take 3 and became a Co-Founder of this charity
  • The documentary Blue including information about the key topics it covers
  • What are ocean plastics and what is the REAL problem we are faced with?
  • Is the damage reversible?
  • What are micro plastics?
  • Is ingesting micro-plastics dangerous?
  • Plastics in drinking water and soil
  • Banning single use plastics in Australia
  • Statistics about the destruction ocean plastics have caused and what they are projected to cause
  • Are there certain areas of the world who are contributing more to the industrialisation of the ocean
  • What we can ALL do to help the planet regenerate, perhaps even reverse damage, and prevent further destruction
  • The Take 3 charity and what it’s mission is
  • and much much more

If you care about the ocean and the entire planet earth ecosystem then you need to kick up a chair and listen to this. Speaking personally this conversation got me thinking about a number of things that I can do to help our planet. If you know anyone else in this space that has an important message to share around the preservation of our planet please shoot me a DM on Instagram (@plant_proof) or email simon@plantproof.com – this is a topic I am very passionate about and am going to continue discussing on the show.


Take 3 website

Take 3 Instagram

Tim Silverwood Instagram

Blue The Film


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