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In Episode 49 I sat down with a friend of mine, Cherie Tu, who also lives in Sydney and runs the enormous @thrivingonplants community on Instagram and You Tube.

Cherie Tu Plant Proof podcast


  • Cheries’ favourite places to eat in Sydney
  • Her blood lines and childhood years including the food she ate
  • When her passion for cooking started
  • When and why she became interested in health
  • Why she started calorie counting
  • How she discovered a plant based lifestyle and what motivated her to try it out
  • How her friends and parents reacted to her change in food selection
  • How her decision to remove animal products from her plate has influenced those around her
  • When and why she started posting food on Instagram
  • The evolution of her instagram profile and what she has done and still does to build an engaged community
  • How she developed new recipes and some behind the scenes information on equipment used, software etc
  • Advice for people starting food blogging
  • Challenges associated with running her business through social media
  • Her e-book and new book coming out
  • When and how she met her boyfriend Kai
  • What Kai’s diet is like
  • Her passion for working out and what her training program looks like
  • How she stays motivated to train consistently
  • Her staple foods at home
  • What a regular day on her plate looks like
  • Some other bigger picture issues that she is passionate about including fast fashion and sustainability
  • Plans for the future
  • and much much more

Cafes/Restaurants we spoke about in Sydney:


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