Part 2: Health and longevity | The Proof 2022 year in review

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Last week we featured Part 1 of the best moments from The Proof in 2022, and this week we bring you part 2.

Episode #242 is a compilation that mostly focuses on sleep, exercise and planetary health featuring a range of guests from across the year.

Guests featured include Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, Dr Alan Flanagan, Dr Andrew Huberman, Dr David Jenkins, Dr Kieron Rooney, Paul Taylor, Fritz Horstmann, Drew Harrisberg and Nicholas Carter.

Specifically, we cover:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Sleep and weight gain with Drew Harrisberg (01:28)
  • Tips for better sleep with Dr. Andrew Huberman (13:00)
  • Manage Craving with Fritz Horstman (15:49)
  • Carnivore Crazy with Drew Harrisberg (39:42)
  • Big Pharma and Big Food with Dr. Alan Flanagan and Drew Harrisberg (49:32)
  • Good stress with Dr. Paul Taylor (59:48)
  • Mitochondria and Longevity with Dr. Kieron Rooney and Drew Harrisberg (1:12:14)
  • Mitochondria and Longevity with Dr. Paul Taylor (1:17:46)
  • Fermented foods (1:24:27)
  • Developing an exercise program with Drew Harrisberg (1:25:18)
  • Improving brain function with Drs. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai (1:41:57)
  • Resistance starch and cancer with Drew Harrisberg (1:55:32)
  • What’s causing climate change with Nicolas Carter (2:06:11)
  • Should we eat fish with Dr. David Jenkins (2:11:01)
  • Building new habits with Fritz Horstman (2:12:51)
  • Outro (2:26:46)

Episodes featured:

I hope you find this episode helpful for consolidating some of the key learnings from 2022.

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Enjoy, friends.


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