Seed oils, blood tests and how sleep affects body weight Drew Harrisberg The Proof with Simon Hill podcast episode 206

Seed oils, blood tests and how sleep affects body weight | Drew Harrisberg

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In Episode #206, Drew Harrisberg joins me to debrief The Proof’s first debate and discuss blood tests, sleep, and the interaction between HIIT training and blood glucose.

A common theme you’ll notice on The Proof is the importance of relying on rigorous and reliable information sources. In today’s debrief and discussion, we discuss this and much more.

“If someone is inventing a problem and selling the solution, be careful.”

As an exercise physiologist, sports scientist, and diabetes educator, Drew Harrisberg is well positioned to engage in health-centred discourse. His education and experience offer an insightful perspective, and his presence on the show offers a great opportunity to undertake these conversations.

“You [can] get stuck in this rut where you’re just trying to be better and better and better – which may come from a good place, that pursuit of excellence, and trying to be your best – but at some point you have got to let go of perfection.”

Last week, I released a special episode on YouTube: a debate on seed oils and heart disease between Tucker Goodrich and Dr Matthew Nagra. The proposition for this debate was “It is more reasonable to believe that seed oils are beneficial rather than harmful for coronary heart disease risk.” Tucker Goodrich took the disagree position, and Dr Matthew Nagra took the agree position. If you haven’t already watched the debate, you can find it here, and access the full show notes for more information. Regardless of whether you’ve watched the debate, you’ll gain insight from the reflections we share in this episode.

Our discussion of this debate covers the interpretation of studies, consistency of arguments, and whether either argument was compelling enough to change our minds. Moving on from the debate, you’ll also learn about how sleep interacts with calorie consumption, blood glucose and HIIT training, and blood tests you may want to request. Drew and I also offer insights into our own diets, and I share some results from a recent blood test.

Specifically, we cover:

  • Intro [0:00]
  • Training [3:40]
  • The Seed Oil Debate [12:03]
  • Understanding Healthy ApoB Levels [55:25]
  • The Biohacking Trap [1:07:08]
  • CGMs for People without Diabetes [1:17:30]
  • HIIT for Diabetes [1:28:13]
  • Sleep Deprivation & Weight Gain [1:51:55]
  • Clarifying the Mediterranean diet [2:03:00]
  • The “Kale Buster” [2:08:32]
  • Good News [2:16:11]
  • Book/ Show Recommendations [2:25:44]
  • Answering Your Questions [2:33:36]
  • Outro [2:36:40]

I hope you found this diverse episode insightful. The debate certainly opened up some interesting questions, and we were able to cover a variety of other important topics and practical tips. On our next episode together, Drew and I will be answering your questions – make sure to leave them in the comments of YouTube.

Once again, you can watch the debate on YouTube. To connect with Drew, you can reach him via his Instagram or website, Drew’s Daily Dose. You can also listen to his previous appearances on the show on your favourite podcast app.

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Enjoy, friends.


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Simon’s blood test results

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Book and show recommendations

  • Simon’s pick: Burn by Herman Pontzer, PhD
  • Drew pick: Bad Vegan on Netflix

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