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In Episode #239, I’m joined by coach Fritz Horstmann for an exploration of how to optimise exercise, immerse yourself in plant-based nutrition, and align your mindset to build muscle and lose fat.

“A lot of coaches, or fitness content, is really complicated. They don’t realise that the normal person has a lot of things going on in their life… working out or eating healthy is not the number one priority. Acknowledging that, and then looking at upskills and overcoming them hand in hand would be the idea.”

The Proof often examines highly nuanced perspectives on nutrition, getting into the details of mechanisms, specific studies, and other scientific lenses. In today’s episode, popular fitness coach Fritz Horstmann shares his perspective on nutrition and exercise – one that is directly actionable, simple to understand, and highly practical.

Fritz Horstmann is CEO of Vegan Coaching and a vegan bodybuilder. He is on a mission to help vegans around the world discover and fulfil their true potential while saving animals and the planet. Having experienced the full transition from typical “gym bro” chicken and rice diet to thriving as a vegan, Fritz has helped thousands of people around the world improve their health and joins me today to share how.

“What happens when you start tracking your food and you learn, is that you can combine both – you combine listening to your body… and interpreting those cues.”

In this episode, you’ll learn about Fritz’s journey of optimising his vegan lifestyle, and how to implement his practical principles into your lifestyle. We discuss calorie counting, bloating in vegans, and simplifying your lifestyle to improve your health. We also cover Fritz’s controversial stance on beans and legumes, how to lose weight quickly and sustainably, and how to dig deeper into mindfulness.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Fritz’s Vegan Fitness Transformation (12:48)
  • Combining Intuitive & Educated Eating (30:52)
  • Fritz’s Coaching with Calorie Counting (42:04)
  • Plant-Based Protein Sources (46:55)
  • Bloating (55:32)
  • Results in Fritz’s Program (57:43)
  • Getting your steps in (1:09:08)
  • Develop Habits for Success (1:11:01)
  • How to get Motivated (1:19:18)
  • Fritz’s Training Structure (1:24:38)
  • Principles for Progress (1:30:04)
  • Is Your Gym Program Working? (1:35:48)
  • Protein Powder (1:38:03)
  • Heart Disease & Animal Protein (1:52:30)
  • IGF1 & Lactate Testing (1:58:21)
  • Fritz’s Vegan Hat (2:07:50)
  • Nutrient Supplements (2:11:44)
  • Is Juicing Good for You? (2:17:37)
  • Manage Cravings (2:21:46)
  • Meal Prep vs Eating Out (2:30:59)
  • Overrated / Underrated Claims (2:52:05)
  • Outro (3:13:41)

After a long time in planning, it’s great to have Fritz on the show. His practical approach to health and fitness is one that many will find refreshing and clarifying, regardless of their current eating pattern.

To connect with Fritz Horstmann, join his community on Instagram and YouTube. To learn more about Fritz’s coaching program visit his website and listen to his podcast, Plant Based Fitness Secrets.

Enjoy, friends.


More about Fritz Horstmann

Fritz Horstmann is CEO of Vegan Coaching and a vegan bodybuilder. The mission: helping vegans around the world discover and fulfil their true potential while saving animals and the planet. Fritz and his team coach people transform their bodies and improve their health on a plant-based diet. Fritz was born on January 15th 1997 in an outer part of Berlin, Germany. Growing up he was always the skinny guy, which got him into Fitness and he quickly started to become a typical ‘gym bro’ eating chicken, rice and broccoli all day every day.

Soon after he realised that this was not the life he wanted to live, exploiting animals and not caring about his health, so he decided to take a different path: he turned vegan. Initially gaining 30 lbs of weight in a few months he really struggled to adapt to the vegan lifestyle. But with the help of a Coach, he managed to turn it around. Within the next two years, he turned from a struggling unhealthy vegan into a fit and healthy vegan. That is how he started Fritz Horstmann Coaching – to help struggling vegans lose fat, build plant-based muscle and have a big impact on this planet. To this day Fritz has helped more than thousands of vegans in his program and millions of vegans on his social media channel achieve that lean & muscular look they desire, representing their values with confidence.

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