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How to lower your risk of colorectal cancer with Alan Desmond, MD

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In Episode #139 I sit down with Gastroenterologist Alan Desmond, MD to talk about colorectal cancer – the third most common form of cancer globally.

We cover the below in detail:

  • What colorectal cancer is (the part of our gut it affects and the disease process from polyps to cancer)
  • Who tends to get colorectal cancer
  • How colorectal cancer is diagnosed
  • What the survival rate is once diagnosed with colorectal cancer
  • The importance of colorectal cancer screening and who should be doing this
  • Lifestyle modifications to lower our risk of developing colorectal cancer
  • Alcohol and colorectal cancer risk
  • Dr Desmond’s thoughts on meat-rich low carbohydrate diets and colorectal cancer
  • and much more



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