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In Episode #190, I sat down with Professor Stuart Phillips to discuss the importance of exercise, nutrition, and recovery in building muscle and improving strength: a pursuit that’s important not only to bodybuilders and athletes but to all of us wishing to maintain a high quality of life as we age.  

In this episode, we covered the importance of fitness and resistance training for healthy ageing, what happens at the cellular level during resistance training and muscle growth, and the key aspects of recovery. We also discussed the importance of protein for building muscle, how amino acids work, the optimal amount of protein we should be consuming, the risks of overconsumption, and the importance of protein source (animal versus plant).  

For more from Stuart, see Episode #210 and #228.

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Additional resources:

  • The previous episode (#137) with scientist Hamilton Roschel that we referred to in this episode, comparing animal to plant protein in a group of young, healthy adults performing resistance training.
  • The previous episode (#133) with Dr Matthew Nagra about protein. • Connect with Dr Phillips on Twitter.
  • Read Dr Phillips’s published papers.

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