Running, Cycling, and Kayaking across Australia | Kieran De Visser

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In Episode #64, I sat down with Kieran De Visser, founder of the not-for-profit organisation Endurothon Oz, which aims to stop plastic pollution at its source. Kieran will be cycling, kayaking, and running 25,000 km across Australia to raise awareness for this campaign and raise $1 million to clean our oceans. What a goal that is!
What I find really interesting about Kieran’s story is not only his desire to help the planet, but the fact that the source of his inspiration came from a time in his life where he could have easily put his own best interests first. Listen to the episode to find out about Kieran’s backstory, how he became inspired to raise awareness about plastic pollution, and a whole lot more. I love celebrating stories of young people doing inspirational things to help better our home – and that’s what this episode is all about.
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