From Paleo to Keto to a Plant-Based Diet | Drew Harrisberg

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In Episode #62, I sat down with exercise physiologist and lover of all things health and wellness, Drew Harrisberg. We discussed Drew’s journey with type 1 diabetes and how various dietary frameworks – paleo, keto, and low-fat, plant-based diets – have affected his blood sugar, insulin requirements, and overall well-being.

Among many other things, we discussed why sugar shouldn’t be blamed for type 2 diabetes, myths and misconceptions about the keto diet, and the importance of keeping healthy carbohydrates like unrefined grains and legumes in the diet. This episode is for absolutely everyone, not just folks with diabetes. Drew is a wealth of knowledge and, through his regular blood-glucose monitoring, has so much objective insight into how food affects our bodies at the cellular level each and every day. Above all, he’s a super honest and articulate fella who just wants to help people realise true health.

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