Nutrition Science | Frank Cusimano, PhD

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In Episode #19, I talked with Frank Cusimano (@dr.cusimano) about using science to make informed food choices. With a host of scientific degrees under his belt, a PhD in nutrition, a medical degree underway, and an absolute passion for reading scientific literature, Frank Cusimano is perfectly suited to navigate us through some commonly asked questions about healthy eating. Interestingly, Frank doesn’t specifically classify himself as a ‘vegan’. Rather, he chooses his food based on what science says are the healthiest forms of nutrition, and it just so happens that these are animal-free products.  

In this episode, we covered Frank’s story and his transition to a plant-based diet. We also dived into a number of common questions around healthy eating, including the optimal times to eat meals, whether we should fast, how much protein we need, whether coconut oil and soy are healthy or beneficial, how important omega-3s are, and much more.  

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