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In Episode #114, I sat down with Emily Manoogian, PhD, from the Panda Lab at Salk Institute for Biological Studies, to learn about how we can improve our health by nurturing our circadian rhythms. Emily and her team are considered world leaders in the field of science known as ‘chronobiology’, and they have published several studies (with more currently underway) investigating how the timing of our meals affects our health.
As well as circadian rhythms and circadian disruption, we also discussed time-restricted feeding (TRF), the difference between TRF and fasting, and what Emily’s research has identified about TRF so far. There’s plenty of practical information and recommendations in this fascinating episode.
(As I note at the beginning of this episode, although TRF is not an extreme protocol, if you suffer from an eating disorder and find the subject of meal timing to be in any way triggering, then this may not be the best episode for you. And that is totally fine! Simply pick the show back up in the next episode and come back to this one in the future if appropriate for you.)

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*NOTE: Unfortunately, the audio quality of this episode is not as high as I would ordinarily like. While I much prefer having these conversations in person (and hope to get back to that format soon), with COVID-19 I’ve needed to record remotely in order to continue having such informative guests on the show.

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