Upgrade Your Health by Changing the Foods You Eat | Matthew Nagra, ND

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In Episode #113, I sat down with Dr Matthew Nagra to talk about how he uses evidence-based nutrition science to help his patients upgrade their health. If you are looking for an episode that consolidates several topics previously raised on the show, along with findings from new research, then I think you will really enjoy this episode

We talked about the latest EPIC-Oxford study on bone health, the health advantages of people who adopt plant-predominant or exclusive diets, naturopathy as a form of health care, and important nutrients and supplements for people reducing their consumption of animal-based foods. Dr Nagra shared how he helps his patients make sustainable changes, his answers to the common questions he gets from patients (including questions about protein, soy, lectins, and cooking oils), and his personal food philosophy.

For more from Matthew Nagra, see Episodes #133, #197, #198, and the special debate episode.

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