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Episode 14 of the Plant Proof podcast with Matt Cama talking about his story & what’s on your plate

Matt Cama is an Animal Activist and Weight Loss Coach from Australia who I recently caught up with in Bali to shed some light on what’s happening in factory farms and in particular what he has witnessed personally.  The cool thing about Matt is he’s not your typical old school animal activist in that he’s not approaching things with anger or aggression.  He has a motto to live with “compassion above all else” and uses this to effectively communicate his message to people from all walks of life including those who have different opinions & belief systems.

Matt Cama Plant Proof Podcast

In this episode we chat about:

  • Where Matt grew up and why he was inspired to change to a vegan diet?
  • Why he has moved to Bali & how he’s finding it
  • Why he is an animal activist
  • How he communicates to effectively spread his message
  • What he has seen first hand at factory farms
  • His tips for young parents and educating children on where animal products come from
  • What he see’s as the future
  • and much much more

Connect with Matt on Instagram.

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