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Episode 12 of the Plant Proof podcast with Ben Abstacker talking about his story & building a positive mindset

Ben Handsaker (better known as Abstacker) is an Australian champion fitness model, cover model, international motivational speaker and top performing coach.  He is hands down the most motivational inspiring guy I have met.  You only have to be in his presence for a short period of time to pick on his positive vibes and really ‘make your day’.

At the 2014 Musclemania Australian championship Ben won 1st place in Men’s physique and 1st place overall. As a result he was awarded the 1st ever prestigious Australian Mens physique model pro card.

He has since landed 4 covers in large global fitness magazines and has appeared in 50 fitness magazines around the world.

Despite all this success in the fitness industry, Ben’s journey has not been without insecurity, failure and adversity. Ben was once an overweight party boy who had little regard for his health & wellness.  He found himself in a corporate job he didn’t love.  In a twist of fate, Ben was able to turn his life around thanks to a certain girl who inspired him, through humiliation, to take more pride in his physical condition.

Ben has a very special way of maintaining a positive mindset and waking up every single day with a ‘winning’ mentality.  Sit back & relax as Ben and I cover his journey to date and some very practical take home messages for anyone wanting to improve their mindset , become a more positive & composed person and get more results in the gym

Plant Proof Ben Handsaker

In this epsiode

  • Hear Ben’s story from early childhood days, to university and how he went from an overweight party boy to a fitness model and health coach
  • Learn Ben’s morning rituals
  • Learn how Ben maintains a positive mindset and handles stress
  • Hear Ben’s top tips for weight loss & building rock hard abs

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