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In Episode #13 of The Proof podcast, Max La Manna shares his story of how to live a no-waste life. Max is the perfect example of a typical American kid who grew up in the 80s and 90s thinking that an Italian American diet, full of meat and cheese, was normal and healthy. Despite having always been slightly more environmentally conscious than his peers, which he credits to the way he was raised, there was a pivotal moment in Max’s life where this consciousness was raised to a new level. To an extent, this moment redefined who he was and helped him work out his true purpose. Today, Max is a passionate plant-based eater, an advocate for living a no-waste life, and an all-round great guy.

Listen to the episode to hear about Max’s personal story, his transition to a plant-based lifestyle, why he cares about the environment, how he lives a no-waste life, and how you can reduce waste in your own life. Connect with Max on Instagram – @maxlamanna – or on his own website.

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