Choosing compassion with Vegan Chef Derek Sarno

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Episode 15 of the Plant Proof Podcast with Vegan Chef Derek Sarno talking about his journey to choosing a life of compassion

Derek Sarno is one of the world’s most well known Vegan Chef’s.  Derek is one half of the Wicked Healthy team and heads up plant based product innovation for British grocery giant Tesco.  While visiting London I caught up with Derek at his place and saw first hand how much love and energy he puts into the food that he creates – just take one look at his instagram and you will see what I mean!  This guy is seriously creative, seriously compassionate and seriously switched on when it comes to changing the landscape of healthy grocery food.

Derek Sarno Plant Proof Podcast

In this episode we chat about:

  • Derek’s earlier years and diet as a child
  • How Derek became a chef and how his career has progressed
  • Why Derek turned to substance abuse during a time of immense grieving
  • How Derek ended up spending time at a Buddhist Monastery and the positive impact this had on his life
  • His transition to a vegan diet and the inspiration behind this
  • How Derek handles the highs and lows that life has thrown at him
  • Derek’s role at Tesco & what he is up to today
  • and much much more

Connect with Derek, his brother and Wicked Healthy:




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