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In Episode #60, I sat down with fellow Australian and ocean lover Ziggy Alberts (@ziggyalberts). At just twenty-four years of age, Ziggy has quickly forged his way to recognition as one of Australia’s leading young artists in the music industry. The coolest thing? Ziggy’s voice is just as powerful, if not more so, off the stage, where he shares his love and passion for protecting the environment and being a positive role model for the youth of today.

In this episode, we chatted about Ziggy’s journey from busking up and down the East Coast of Australia to selling out thirty-four shows, including one for 5000 people at Festival Hall in Melbourne, as well as his passion for the environment, particularly the ocean. Friends, this conversation is a little different to previous episodes of The Proof podcast, with a real focus on how Ziggy has forged his career and why he is passionate about protecting the environment.

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