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Using science to solve climate change with Dr Jonathan Foley

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In Episode #174 we hear from Climate Scientist, Dr Jonathan Foley, on the current state of climate change and what we can do to help the planet heal.

Specifically we cover:

– Where we are headed if we don’t address climate change

– Climate change science becoming accepted by majority of society

– The levers we can pull on climate change

– Climate change solutions affecting people’s careers

– Current status of the world’s carbon emissions

– The biggest areas of focus for immediate change

– The impact we are having on water

– Regenerative beef

– Plant-based meat alternatives

– Carbon capture technology

– Electric cars

– The personal actions that we can take



Dr Jonathan Foley on Twitter

Project Drawdown website

Seeing the whole chess board to stop climate change article

Dr Foley’s ‘Beef Rules’ article

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