Approaching Climate Change Like a Game of Chess | Jonathan Foley, PhD

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In Episode #119, I sat down with Dr Jonathan Foley, one of the world’s most highly regarded climate and environmental scientists. Jonathan has published over 130 peer reviewed papers in the field of sustainability in highly prestigious journals such as Science and Nature. He is also an author, a highly sought-after guest speaker, and the executive director at Project Drawdown, a not-for-profit organisation widely considered to be the world’s leading resource for information on climate solutions. However, as brilliant as his résumé is, his communication is arguably what makes his work so incredibly powerful.

Listen to hear Dr Foley and I talk about individual versus government action, looking at climate change as a game of chess, the changes we can make as individuals, and much, much more. If you want to learn real facts about climate change and the available solutions from someone who both values and contributes to science, then I strongly recommend you make time to listen to this episode.

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