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In Episode #23 of The Proof, Jeremy Butler shares his journey from a keto to a plant-based diet. At first glance, Jeremy is your everyday Aussie bloke, who for many years focused, with the best of intentions, on being the healthiest version of himself. What’s fascinating is that beneath the surface Jeremy has gone through a tremendous amount of trial and error to ultimately discover a dietary lifestyle that aligns with his inner values: a diet that causes less harm and promotes longevity.  

Listen to find out about Jeremy’s experiences with both the paleo and ketogenic diets and the inner health effects that he noticed behind closed doors. For years, Jeremy ignored these signs and symptoms because he was so committed to the movement, until he had a shift in priorities. He shared with me how he felt on these diets, why he transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle, how it felt to become more compassionate towards other life, and how he encourages healthy eating habits at home with his wife and two children. If you’d like to hear more from Jeremy, check out Episode #27 or connect with him on Instagram (@bar_night).  

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