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In Episode #92, I sat down with Australian environmentalist James Stanton-Cooke, or ‘Jimmy Halfcut’, to talk about the role that our rainforests play in keeping our climate cool. I met James a few months ago at a charity night in Bondi, and with the fires currently burning across Australia, I couldn’t help but think this was the perfect time to sit down and talk about mother nature.

Listen to hear Jimmy and I discuss the importance of rainforest preservation as well as Australian wildfires, controlled burning, hazard reduction, circulation burning, regenerative agriculture, and Australia’s energy situation with regard to coal and renewables. You’ll also hear Jimmy share some practical things you can do to lower your environmental footprint.

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Additional resources:

  • – using the promo code Halfcut50 will save 20sqm of Daintree Rainforest.
  • Divesting Bank Australia is the most ethical bank in Australia in terms of where they are investing your money. If you are from overseas, try to find a bank that does good with your money.
  • Australian Ethical – superannuation that invests your money in ethical and sustainable companies.
  • $25,000 fundraiser for land in the Daintree. One-hundred percent of donations goes towards purchasing land (minus credit card transaction fee of 1.2%).
  • Want to offset your environmental footprint? Visit the HalfCut website.

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