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Episode 16 of the Plant Proof Podcast with Vegan Marathon Runner Fiona Oakes talking about her path to becoming a marathon runner who holds 3 world records

Fiona Oakes is a British Marathon runner who holds three world records despite losing her knee cap (patella) to an illness when she was 17.  The really fascinating thing about Fiona’s story for me is not that she has holds these records but that among a non vegetarian family she personally chose to eat a vegetarian diet at age 3 and a completely vegan diet by age 6 due to her undeniable love for all animals.  After school Fiona held an office job in London before eventually starting an animal sanctuary in Essex which still exists today and provides a loving home to over 400 animals.  Between marathon running and the sanctuary Fiona puts every last bit of her energy into raising awareness for animal cruelty and showing the world that veganism is not only a compassionate way to live but a healthy way which can fuel you to achieve amazing athletic performance beyond your wildest dreams.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why Fiona made a conscious decision at such an early age to not eat animals
  • Fiona’s struggles with her knee in her teenage years
  • How Fiona was ‘different’ to many of her peers growing up
  • Her early career in London and how the animal sanctuary came to life
  • Her typical routine at the animal sanctuary and how she trains for marathons
  • Whether she actually loves running or simply runs for the animals
  • What Fiona eats
  • and much much more

Connect with Fiona:

@oakes.fiona on Instagram 

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