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Episode 18 of the Plant Proof podcast with Zanna Van Dijk (@zannavandijk) is all about leading a conscious life to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

Zanna Van Dijk is an extraordinary example of a modern day vegan woman who is leading by example to make everything in this world, including planet earth itself, happier & healthier. As you can see in the episode content below Zanna leads a very busy life and does an amazing job inspiring people through so many different channels.  I had a real ‘hoot’ recording this episode with Zanna in Wimbledon.  She is absolutely hilarious – there are many themes throughout this light-hearted conversation which I hope provoke further thought by all who listen.  I know I walked away from this conversation reviewing many aspects of my life – and yes I watched A Plastic Ocean!

Zanna Van dijk Plant Proof Podcast

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Where Zanna grew up in the UK and her diet as a kid
  • Her time at University studying Speech Pathology and when/why she started her Instagram
  • Her Role as Ambassador for Adidas
  • The Girl Gains movement and the Fit & Fearless podcast on BBC which Zanna co-hosts
  • Her passion for reducing single-use plastic and waste that ends up in the ocean affecting the marine environment.
  • Her swimwear brand Stay Wild which is made from recycled ocean plastic.
  • Her transition to a vegan diet
  • Her typical workout routine/ways to stay fit
  • and much much more

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