Empowering Women and Creating Eco-Friendly Businesses | Zanna Van Dijk

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In Episode #18, I sat down with Zanna Van Dijk (@zannavandijk) to talk about leading a conscious life to leave the world in a better place than we found it. Zanna is an extraordinary example of a modern-day plant-based woman who is leading by example to make the world and herself happier and healthier. As you’ll find out, Zanna leads a very busy life and does an amazing job of inspiring people through so many different channels. I had a real ‘hoot’ recording this light-hearted conversation with her in Wimbledon, and it throws up many themes that I hope will provoke further thought for all who listen.  

Listen to the episode to hear about Zanna’s early life and her time at university studying speech pathology. We also talked about when and why she started her Instagram; her role as ambassador for Adidas; the #girlgains movement co-created by Zanna; the Fit & Fearless podcast on BBC, which Zanna co-hosts; her brand Stay Wild, which produces swimwear from recycled ocean plastic; and much more.  

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