Truly connecting with nature and maximising nutrient density & bioavailability with raw food expert Ben Richards

Episode 34 I caught up with Ben Richards, owner of Seeds of Life Cafe in Ubud Bali, to chat about his story and what raw or ‘living’ foods are all about.

It’s a 3 hour episode, so a bit of a marathon ep, but full of golden nuggets to get you thinking about life at a deeper level, particularly why we eat what we do.

In this episode we cover:

  • Ben’s childhood and how he discovered a passion for food and hospitality
  • Ben’s experience with plant medicines including mushrooms and ayahuasca
  • What ‘raw food’ means by definition
  • Is raw food for everyone
  • What soaking, sprouting and fermentation is
  • How to soak, sprout and ferment foods
  • The question that society should be asking in order to get back on track and plug into nature for a truly fulfilling experience on this planet
  • Resources to learn more about raw foods
  • Ben’s raw food workshops
  • What durian is (I try it for the first time at the end of this episode)
  • and much more

Some of the resources we spoke about are:


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