From Sick and Tired to Thriving | Loni Jane

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In Episode #31 of The Proof podcast, I sat down with Loni Jane. Loni started sharing her journey pretty much as soon as Instagram was launched. She’s a great example of someone who was in very poor health but by adopting a plant-based lifestyle was able to turn her life around, both mentally and physically, to create a life of love, prosperity, growth, and wellness. Loni has now built a life that is in her control and on her terms, in stark contrast to her former life where she battled with excessive drinking, low self-awareness, poor nutrition, and essentially a depleted physical body.  

I hope you enjoy this raw, candid, and authentic conversation covering Loni’s battle with deteriorating health and the difficulties she faced in transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. She also shared tips for pregnancy and motherhood from her personal experience, including how she worked with her doctors and what her kids eat. Connect with Loni on Instagram @lonijane.  

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