Taking Control of Your Life | Rich Roll

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In Episode #35, I sat down with plant-based dad, author, endurance athlete, and podcast host Rich Roll. We went through his journey from an unhealthy man in his 20s and 30s battling with addiction and poor food choices to a man in his 50s thriving physically and mentally while living a life of purpose and fulfilment.  

Rich’s story is very well documented, but given that this is his first time on The Proof podcast and that we plan to record future episodes together, I thought it was important that those who may not know his story get a chance to hear it. Even if you already know his story, I think you will still benefit greatly by listening to this episode – I know I certainly have! We also talked about Rich’s transition to a plant-based lifestyle and what inspired it, his leap into the world of ultra-endurance competitive racing, the typical foods that Rich eats in a day, his thoughts on climate change, and much more. Connect with Rich on Instagram @richroll. You can also grab a copy of any of Rich’s books (Finding Ultra, This Cheese is Nuts, or The Plant Power Way) or find his podcast on his website www.richroll.com.  

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