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In Episode #125, I sat down with New York Times bestselling author Darin Olien to chat about his view on human and planetary health, as well as his time spent producing the super popular Down to Earth Netflix show that he co-hosted with Zac Efron.  

In this episode, we discussed ‘fatal conveniences’ – chemical and plastic exposure from modern conveniences that we all use (tea bags, tap water, spray deodorant, etc.). We also talked about how Down to Earth came to be, working with Zac Efron, the second season of Down to Earth in Australia, solutions to solving climate change, and much more.  

*DISCLAIMER: As I mention in the introduction, Darin raises some interesting topics in this episode, not all of which are supported by in-depth science due to the nature of the conversation. So take them with a grain of salt. I intend to take a deeper dive into some of these ideas in future episodes – with Darin and other guests – to find out exactly what the science says (fluoride in water for example).  

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