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In Episode #108, I sat down with Dr David Katz, MD, who in my opinion is one of the clearest voices in an area of science littered with confusion, hidden agendas, and biases. This is a great episode that reinforces many of the key principles that I have been sharing with you via social media and on this show for the past two years. It also emphasises the three pillars that I base my personal food decisions on: human health, planetary health, and animal welfare.

In this episode, we talked about why an infectious disease pandemic may help us to take chronic disease more seriously, what the number one risk factor for chronic disease in developed countries is, and why debating the little stuff is keeping us from making an impact on the big stuff. We also discussed the characteristics of an optimal diet and whether there is one ‘single best diet’ that we should all be following. And David’s shared his thoughts on whether we should eat fish and whether adding animal products to an optimally planned vegan diet would improve one’s health.

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