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In Episode #44, I caught up with Andrea, who you may know as Earthy Andy, on the north shore of Oahu. Andy was in the final few weeks of her pregnancy (and has since given birth to baby Nalu) so it was such an amazing effort for her to sit through quite a long recording!  

In this episode, we talked about her early years, how and where she met Shem, what inspired her to make changes to the food she was eating, and what Shem thought of her moving to a plant-based lifestyle. Andrea shared how she initially hid her Instagram account from anyone she knew (including her family), what role social media and technology plays in her life, and how she sets boundaries. We also chatted about pregnancy and breastfeeding as a plant-based mother, what a normal day looks like for her family now, and whether their doctors are supportive of the way they live. Listen to get some great insights into Andy’s home life and tips on being a parent and raising conscious, loving kids.  

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