What Does a Healthy Plant-Based Diet Look Like? | Simon Hill, MSc, BSc

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In Episode #84, it’s you and me again for another solo episode of The Proof podcast. As usual, this episode is about clearing up confusion, breaking down the science, and giving you practical tips to hopefully allow you to lead a healthier, more sustainable, and happier lifestyle.

In this episode, I covered recent headlines about the dangers of ‘fake’ or ‘mock’ meats, Formula 1 driver Romaine Grosjean’s comments about a plant-based diet and endurance performance, a recent article in the Global Environmental Change journal that was covered in a somewhat misleading fashion by HuffPost, and some tips for building a healthy plant-based diet. Of course, I could talk about building a plant-based diet for hours and hours, so in this episode I focused on some of the top principles and myths about a plant-based diet that I most wanted to get across so you can set yourself up for success.

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