Training zones

1. Determine your RHR (Resting Heart Rate)

At the wrist, lightly press the index and middle fingers of one hand on the opposite wrist, just below the base of the thumb. At the neck, lightly press the side of the neck, just below your jawbone. Count the number of beats in 15 seconds, and multiply by four. That’s your heart rate.

2. Calculate Your Max HR

We use the Tanaka and Gulati formulas, which are more accurate calculations than 220-age.

Maximum heart rate
New Calculation

3. Calculate Your Target Heart Rate Zones

Enter your max HR and resting HR  to get your target heart rate range for each training zone (1-5).

This heart rate zone calculator uses the Karvonen method to determine what’s called a ‘target heart rate zone’. The resulting heart rate zones are known to be very close to the actual ones – those obtained in a laboratory during a functional test.

HR Zones

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