Preventing Heart Attacks and Chronic Disease | Dr Rob Ostfeld

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 In Episode #39 of The Proof podcast, I sat down with cardiologist Dr Rob Ostfeld to talk about preventative medicine and how he treats his patients to improve their quality of life and promote longevity. Among other things, we delved into Dr Ostfeld’s medical training, how he ended up specialising in cardiology, when and why his own diet changed, and how he became interested in preventative medicine. He also goes into the science of saturated fat, cholesterol, and statins (cholesterol medications) as well as sharing what supplements (if any) he recommends to his patients and what happens if you replace animal protein in your diet with plant protein.

If you want to understand more about the types of food you should be eating and avoiding, this is the perfect episode for you. As Dr Ostfeld walks us through the science of cardiovascular disease, he offers a tonne of practical information and tips for choosing foods to fit your own lifestyle. Connect with Dr Ostfelt on Instagram @drostfeld.  

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