Christopher Gardner 

Low carb vs high carb diets for weight loss | Dr Christopher Gardner 

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We are reposting this episode now because it’s now available in video on YouTube.

In Episode #145 I sat down with Professor Christopher Gardner from Stanford University to chat about his research looking at low versus high carb diets for weight loss.

If you’re confused about carbohydrates, fat and how to manage your body weight then I am certain you will enjoy this episode. Dr Gardner is one of the most respected nutrition scientists in the world.

Specifically we covered:

  • Intro [0:00]
  • Christopher’s Story [2:28]
  • The A-Z Study [8:54]
  • The DIETFITS Study [18:20]
  • Personalized Nutrition & the Microbiome [50:20]
  • What We Know Today [58:14]
  • Outro [1:04:48]

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Enjoy, friends.



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