Love as a Catalyst for Lifelong Change | Adam Sud

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In Episode #144, we hear from Adam Sud on his battle with depression and addiction, and how he ultimately turned his life around by flipping the narrative from self-hatred to self-love. This is a heart-wrenching yet extremely beautiful story that is sure to inspire.  

Listen to the earlier episode here: #66.

Note: This episode mentions suicide. If this is a trigger for you, I recommend giving it a miss and stopping by next episode instead.  

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Enjoy, friends.  


Need someone to talk to? Other than friends, family, and people in your community, there are 24/7 helpline services all around the world. For example, in Australia, if you are feeling down, anxious, or depressed and want someone to listen to you or help guide you through the problems you’re experiencing, Beyond Blue is available around the clock. You can call them on 1300 22 4636. If you’d rather chat via text, you can do so with an online operator here.

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