Jobe Watson – Former Australian Rules Football champion and captain of the Essendon Football Club shares his story

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Episode 06 of the Plant Proof Podcast with Jobe Watson

Jobe Watson Plant Proof Podcast

This weeks guest on the Plant Proof podcast is Australian Rules Football, or otherwise known as AFL, champion Jobe Watson.  Jobe, son of AFL 3 x Premiership Player Tim Watson, played 220 games for the Essendon Football club.  To put this in perspective the Essendon football club is equivalent to what the Dallas Cowboys are to the NFL or Manchester United to the English Premier League.  They are one of the biggest clubs in what is certainly Australia’s biggest professional sport.   During Jobe’s career he won 3 club best and fairests and was a twice named an All Australian player which is awarded to the best players across the competition each year and in 2012 polled the most votes in the Brownlow medal, which is the highest individual award within Australian Rules Football.  On top of that he captained Essendon for 6 years and won the AFL best Captain award in 2012.

Jobe’s career certainly had it’s high and low moments and most noticeably the low point was the doping scandal which he found himself right in the middle of when the majority of his team was banned for the 2016 season for breaching the doping regulations during their 2012 season.  Imagine the entire Manchester United team was being accused of breaching the drug or doping regulations…that’s what happened with the Essendon Football Club and during this year Jobe was their Captain and best player.  During this podcast Jobe opens up about how he was initially was introduced to football, his early days at the Essendon football club as a youngster trying to forge his own path, the doping scandal and in particular what supplement they were alleged to have taken and the toll the entire saga took on himself, his family and teammates, his feelings towards handing back his 2012 Brownlow medal, how he spent his time during his year of suspension, his inspiration behind returning for one final year and then finally what he is up to today.  Jobe is an incredibly down to earth and humble guy, speaks from the heart and  in this podcast shares with us how he overcame what can only be described as an earth shattering experience and came out the other side stronger, more motivated and with greater perspective on life.

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Summary – In this podcast some of the things we discuss are:

  • Jobe’s career before he was drafted
  • Jobe’s early days at the Essendon Football Club
  • The drama surrounding the Essendon doping scandal including the team suspension and handing back of the Brownlow medal
  • The supposed banned drug the players were accused of taking
  • What Jobe did during his year off while suspended and the positive take away learning’s he has from this experience
  • Jobe’s decision to reduce meat/animal product intake in his diet towards the end of his career
  • What Jobe is up to now and what he has his eyes set on in terms of the future

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