Mike Rashid King – Surrounded by drugs and violence as a kid to becoming a professional USA boxer and successful businessman

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Episode 04 of the Plant Proof Podcast with Mike Rashid

Mike is a professional American boxer, body builder and extremely successful business man who just so happens to be a vegan.  From an early age Mike was surrounded by drugs and violence in Brooklyn NYC, where he grew up, and went through what can only be described as a crazy and unimaginable roller coaster ride to get to where he is today.  A very inspiring story of someone who shows true grit to overcome adversity. Mike speaks from the heart with a ‘truth at all costs’ mentality and has a lot of really important lessons and life learning’s to share.  You can find Mike on Instagram @mikerashid

Mike Rashid Plant Proof Podcast

Mike Rashid King Plant Proof Podcast

Mike Rashid & Simon Hill Plant Proof Podcast

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