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In Episode #7, I spoke to Maya French, the co-founder of start-up company ‘Koia’. Koia produces plant-based beverages sold across the USA in thousands of stores, including Whole Foods. In this podcast, Maya shares how the Koia brand has developed since its inception, gives insight into how to raise funds for start-ups in this space, and provides an overview of her company structure. She also gives a glimpse into what it’s like to work with a major retail giant like Whole Foods.

Anyone who is interested in start-ups and business in general will find this conversation interesting. It’s a tad shorter than my typical podcasts, but with some great take-home learnings. I hope you enjoy the listen. The best way to support the show is to use the products and services offered by our sponsors. To check them out, and enjoy great savings, visit

Enjoy, friends.


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