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Diet and mental health with nutrition scientist Megan Lee

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In Episode #187 I sit down with Megan Lee, BPsychSc, to talk about food and mental health. Megan is a career researcher, scientist, and academic at Bond University on the Gold Coast here in Australia. She has a Bachelor in Psychological Science (with Honours) and her PhD in nutritional psychiatry is currently under examination. She has published research on food and mood, body image, disordered eating, dietary patterns, and mental health, and occupational stress in academia.

There’s an interesting backstory as to how this exchange came about. Megan and I recently had some back and forth on Twitter after I did a thread expressing concern with regards to the way the media had misinterpreted a study that she, along with her colleagues, had published in British Medical Journal on plant-based dietary patterns and depressive symptoms.

Following some productive dialogue on twitter I thought it would be a good idea to have Megan on the show.
I hope you enjoy it.

Some of the topics covered in this conversation include:

– Megan’s background and discovering an interest in the link between nutrition and mental health

– Classifying depression

– The incidence of depression

– The science we currently have on the effect of diet on mental health

– Anti-depressant medications and the lack of lifestyle approaches to dealing with mental health

– Potential causes of depression

– The results from her study of vegans and depression

– The media misrepresenting the results of Megan’s study

– The pros and cons of cross-sectional studies

– What other types of studies could be useful in examining the relationship between diet and mental health going forward

– Fatty fish/omega 3’s and depression

– The negative effects of alcohol on mental health

– Intuitive eating



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