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Cholesterol, keto diets and heart disease with Spencer Nadolsky, MD

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In Episode #181 I sit down with physician and lipid specialist Dr Spencer Nadolsky to talk about cholesterol, ketogenic diets and cardiovascular disease.

Specifically we cover:

  • Spencer’s background and journey to becoming a doctor
  • What lipids are
  • What lipoproteins are
  • What causes atherosclerosis
  • The difference between Apo B and LDL
  • What evidence is there that atherosclerosis is caused by raised Apo B containing lipoproteins
  • What is driving the denial of cholesterol’s association with cardiovascular disease
  • Dr Spencer’s pilot study of diet-induced hypercholesterolemia
  • Dr Spencer’s tips for reducing risk of atherosclerosis



Dr Nadolsky’s blog on Cholesterol Code

Dr Nadolsky on Twitter and Instagram

Consensus Guideline Papers on preventing Atherosclerosis and/or Cardiovascular Disease

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