Fighting off muscle loss as we age | Justin Keogh

Have you started preparing your body for your older years? Or are you already in your older years, wondering how you can best protect yourself from falls and maintain strength and function? Join me in Episode #301 as I sit down with Associate Professor Justin Keogh to learn about what sarcopenia is and how you […]

Should drugs be legalised? | Stephen Bright, PhD

Could psychedelics be the answer to the mental health crisis? Join me in Episode #299 as I sit down with psychologist and academic, Dr Stephen Bright, to examine the prevalence of drug usage, what this means in the context of mental health, and how psilocybin and MDMA might be the future of mental health treatment. […]

Are you seduced by foods? | Tera Fazzino, PhD

Ever wondered why you just can’t stop eating certain foods? Psychologist Tera Fazzino, PhD has the answer. Join me in Episode #298 to discover the science of hyper-palatable foods, how they’re making their way into your kitchen, and where they overlap with the tobacco industry in this insight-packed conversation. “Almost 70% of the food supply […]

The benefits of hypnosis | David Spiegel, MD

Think hypnosis is for stage shows and witches? Think again. Join me in Episode #297 to discover the truth about this revolutionary treatment approach from Stanford Professor David Spiegel. Whether you’re looking to break a bad habit, manage chronic or acute pain, or address a condition such as insomnia, IBS, or PTSD, hypnotherapy has the […]

Losing fat and building muscle | Alan Aragon, Msc

Looking to lose weight and gain muscle with science-backed insights? Tune in to Episode #296 with nutrition researcher Alan Aragon to unpack the nuances of achieving optimal body composition. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively use nutrition – balancing calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates, and even alcohol – to enhance your physique. “The […]

Lifestyle Choices for Longevity and Well-Being | Highlights of 2023 (Part 2)

Set yourself up for success in 2024 with Episode #295, the next instalment of The Proof’s 2023 highlights. Recap key points for physical and mental health success, from aging and exercise to climate change and psychology. This episode offers a comprehensive rundown from some of the best scientists and experts in the game. You’ll hear […]

Separating Science from Religion | Gary Fraser, Md, PhD

What can health-conscious people learn from the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Join me in Episode #293 as I sit down with Distinguished Professor Gary Fraser, a cardiologist and leading nutrition scientist, to discover the science on why Seventh-day Adventists have better health outcomes. “I think it’s kind of true that there are at least three things […]