Is your liver full of fat? | Christos Mantzoros MD, DSc, PhD

Did you know that 30% of cancers are related to obesity? Join me in Episode #322 as I sit down with Harvard Professor and endocrinologist Dr Christos Mantzoros to discuss fatty liver disease, metabolic health, and hormones. “I teach my students, if an angel would come to our world and make obesity disappear about 65% […]

Clearing up nutrition confusion | Simon Hill, Msc, Bsc

You’ve heard me interview hundreds of nutrition experts; now it’s time for me to share my comprehensive views on nutrition, health, and longevity. Join me in Episode #321 as I’m interviewed by André Duqum in this conversation originally recorded for the Know Thyself podcast. André Duqum is the host of Know Thyself, a podcast dedicated to connecting with […]

New heart disease test you should order | Thomas Dayspring, Md

Are you part of the 20% of people with this dangerous gene? There’s a cheap, simple test you can do just once in your life to find out. Join me in Episode #320 as I sit down with renowned lipidologist Dr Thomas Dayspring to help you understand Lipoprotein(a) and the test that might change your […]

Small blood vessels matter too | Michael Hill, PhD

Join me today as I sit down with a very special guest: my dad, Professor Michael Hill, PhD. Dad’s journey as a scientist has inspired my own work and taken our family across the globe, and in Episode #319 I’m honoured to host him as he shares his story from early career discoveries to current […]

Beating food addictions | Dr Jud Brewer

Episode #316. Overeating is not your fault. But it is in your control – just not in the way you might think. Food addiction, or feeling out of control when it comes to making food choices, is a common experience that many of us will face at some point in our lives. The good news […]

Using the written word to improve mental health | IN-Q

Relationships are the often-forgotten piece of the longevity puzzle; science tells us that connection and forming meaningful relationships is key to helping us live better, for longer. Our relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the world are fundamentally important to our mental health. Join me in Episode #314 as I sit down with IN-Q […]

Myths about your period | Jen Gunter, Md

Is your menstrual cycle normal? How is the pill affecting your body? How do you sort science from snake oil? These are questions that many women have but might not have the resources to answer. Join me as I sit down with Dr Jen Gunter, a renowned expert in women’s health, to answer these questions […]