Keeping your brain healthy | Drs Ayesha & Dean Sherzai

When it comes to taking control of our health, embracing a comprehensive view and long-term focus is paramount. Looking towards our future, and reflecting on our family history, neurodegenerative diseases can be a significant cause for concern for many of us. In Episode #263, the exceptional Drs Ayesha and Dean Sherzai return to The Proof, […]

Slow aging and age-related diseases | Andrew Steele, PhD

In the past century, the average human lifespan has doubled. And while extending lifespan further might seem closer to science fiction than fact, it may not be as far away as we think. In Episode #262, I’m joined by Dr Andrew Steele for a deep dive into what he describes as the largest humanitarian crisis […]

Can diet alone cure cancer? | Krystle Zuniga, PhD

Misinformation is dangerous in any form, but when it comes to a vulnerable population such as cancer patients, this becomes increasingly concerning. People with a cancer diagnosis are often looking for help, and there is an abundance of “help” available online. Unfortunately, there is great financial gain to be made from this population; something that […]

Hunger, weight loss and obesity | Stephan Guyenet, PhD

In today’s world, many of us are struggling with being overworked, undernourished, and constantly stressed. Maintaining a healthy body weight is yet another challenge to stack on top of this, and for many, seems like an impossible task. As obesity rates rise and we are incessantly marketed a plethora of diets and weight loss solutions, […]

Hydration for optimal health and performance | Stacy Sims, PhD

Most of us probably don’t give much thought to the nuances of hydration, but in Episode #259, I’m joined by Dr Stacy Sims to dive into the science behind this essential aspect of our daily lives. With the prevailing notion that drinking 2 litres of plain water a day is sufficient for our hydration needs, […]

Are soy foods safe? | Mark Messina, PhD

Soy foods have proved to be a contentious topic for decades now. With some dietary camps claiming the dangers of soy and others promoting its boundless benefits, it’s natural to be hesitant about consuming this product. In Episode #258, I sit down with Dr Mark Messina for a deep dive into the safety and potential […]

Your menopause questions answered (Part 2) | Endocrinologist Susan Davis, AO

In Episode #256, I sit down with Professor Susan Davis, AO to answer your questions in the wake of our first menopause masterclass. “We have to be very careful… we want to make sure we treat women properly for the root cause of their problem.” After my last conversation with Professor Davis, I’ve received hundreds of […]

Slow aging with a pill? | Nir Barzilai, MD

In a new YouTube-exclusive bonus episode, I’m joined by Professor Nir Barzilai to examine the possibility of a drug that could slow aging. “If you target the biology of aging, which is the risk factor for each one of those diseases, then you don’t prevent one disease – you prevent all the diseases.” In this […]